September 21, 2015

The Industry | Refund Consultant

In Australia the Unclaimed Money Industry is made up of a growing number of registered refund agents working with everyday Australians, small businesses, companies, trusts and their beneficiaries to locate money and assets that rightfully belong to them.

Unclaimed Money Refund Agents

Work with government departments, solicitors, banks and other agencies to find and reunite you with your unclaimed money. Most people are unaware they are owed money.

An Unclaimed Money Refund Agent

Will track down old bank accounts, lost superannuation accounts, un‐cashed cheques, inheritances, tax returns, refunds, investment accounts and lotto winnings among many other possibilities, to reunite you with the hundreds, thousands, or maybe even tens of thousands of dollars that is rightfully yours for the taking.

Unclaimed Money Refund Agents

Work much like private investigators do, in that they are able to utilise any publicly available information in order to track down your unclaimed money. Unclaimed Money Refund Agencies generally work on a 100% commission basis, only charging you a fee if they succeed in finding any amount of unclaimed money that is owed to you. Some agencies also charge a small fee upfront.